Lou Springer wrote:
> Well, ignore my post, a kernel engineer would know. I had no idea you 
> could loopback mount the same filesystem into multiple zones, or am I 
> missing something? This would certainly be more efficient than using nfs.

Hi Lou,
no need to disparage yourself (at least in public! :>)

You can definitely loopback mount the same fs into multiple
zones, and as far as I can see you don't have the multiple-writer
issues that otherwise require Qfs to solve - since you're operating
within just one kernel instance.

It works for me, might not for anybody else.... The only real
gotcha that I've come across concerns some of the teamware tools
which don't cope well when they try try to figure out where to
go when the loopback mount appears to point to itself.

In the zones, I've got a /scratch which is lofs mounted from
the global, and that shows up in the zone's /etc/mnttab as

/scratch on /scratch read/write/setuid/devices/dev=2d9000d on Tue Dec 25 
09:44:10 2007

The ws command hates it - "hmm, the underlying device for
/scratch is /scratch.... maybe if I loop around stat()ing
it it'll turn into a pumpkin"


I think that if I used the underlying zfs rather than a loopback
fs mount that might fix things up. However that would require
me to re-jiggle my filesystems a lot and I just can't be
bothered since I do have a workaround.

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