I have a customer who is restricting NFS access to their data. Thus,
instead of authorizing each non-global zone to be a client, would like
to authorize only the global zone, and then lofs mount the NFS-mounted
file system into the non-global zone.

This work manually, but fails when configured via zonecfg.

globalzone# zoneadm -z amp1 boot
cannot verify fs /net/nfsserver/export/rw/code: NFS mounted file-system.
         A local file-system must be used.
zoneadm: zone amp1 failed to verify

Per this old email, there is some reason for preventing this.

Anybody know the details, and is doing this manually putting the
non-global zones or the system at risk?


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Subject: Re: Lofs versus NFS
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 23:30:16 -0800

> Hi Experts
> we have a customer  that is thinking in consolidate few servers that now 
> use  NFS disc in one server with zones and lofs mounts.
> Do you know if exist Any performance penalti using LOFS mount,  in same 
> environment: same CPU/Disc in NFS servers that global zone,  versus NFS 
> and mount in local zones.?

IIRC, for some relatively esoteric technical reasons, you can't mix lofs
mounts and zones in the way you've suggested.

So, you will need to have each zone be a separate client of the NFS

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