I wanted to send out a quick note to let everyone
know that I putback the zone 'update on attach'
changes today.  This addresses:

PSARC 2007/621 zone update on attach
6480464 RFE: zoneadm attach should patch/update the zone to the new hosts
6576592 RFE: zoneadm detach/attach should work between sun4u and sun4v
6637869 zone attach doesn't handle obsolete patches correctly

This will be available in b82.

If you want to use this to migrate a zone from S10 to nv
there are a couple of things to watch out for.

First, I added some additional pkg dependency checking
to the code.  Since this code isn't in s10 yet the manifest
for the detached zone won't include these additional pkgs.
To workaround this you can skip detaching the zone from
s10 and just run the attach on nv.  This will take advantage
of the "6414178 RFE: prepare in advance for zone migration"
feature that exists in nv to generate the manifest within
the zone, using the nv version of the code which includes
the new dependency checking.  Doing this will ensure that
all of the pkgs that need to be updated will be updated.

Second, unfortunately there are some pkgs currently in nv
that are older than the ones delivered in S10.  I have filed
bugs against those pkgs since this violates one of the basic
solaris process rules.  In the meantime, if you have these pkgs
installed you have to workaround this by removing them from
the system.  Luckily these pkgs are probably not commonly used.
They are:
     Java Web Console Pkgs
     Java Help Pkgs
Hopefully the consolidations that deliver these pkgs will
fix this soon.

Let us know if you see any other problems or have any questions
while using this new feature.

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