Matty wrote:
> I was looking through the zone community documentation on
>, but was unable to dig up a roadmap. Does anyone
> happen to know if one exists? I am curious which features  are planned
> for 2008 and 2009.

I have posted our last roadmap which is actually almost
a year old now.  I put a link under the 'documentation'
section on the main zones page or you can get it here:

This captures the ideas we had within the Sun zones team
last March but does not include any formal input from the
community other than that we listen to what issues people
are having and tried to incorporate that into the roadmap.

It is probably about time for us to take another look at this;
some of the things have been completed and there might be new
topics to add, although my guess is that the main tasks that
haven't been addressed yet still belong on the list.  If anyone
has any comments or input we would appreciate hearing it.  Also,
let us know if there are any questions.

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