Jason Bradfield wrote:
> Hi,
> I am still having trouble with this if anyone can help out..
> Can someone explain..
>  From prstat -Z
> SWAP 941M
> RSS 844M
>  From df -h
> /tmp 1.1G
>  From Suns doc http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/819-2450/6n4o5mdis?a=view
> "The output of prstat *-Z* displays a SWAP column. The swap reported is
> the total swap consumed by the zone's processes and tmpfs mounts"
> Then how come my tmpfs is larger then the prstat -Z SWAP total for the
> zone.

The SWAP column tells you how much space the zone is actually
using whereas looking at the size of tmpfs via 'df' will tell
you how much total VM the machine has.  The df output within
the zone is not adjusted downward to reflect any zone.max-swap
rctl setting so it can look like there is more space available
than you will be allowed to use once you bump up against the
rctl.  This is bug:

6572077 size of swapfs filesystems in a zone should reflect
         zone.max-swap limit

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