Hi Brad,

unfortunatly there is no

who -r

for smf. i don't know if there is a rfe for this. the default milestone is "all" , but you cannot query the state for this milestone so you don't know when the graph is ready. the best thing i would consider is running

svcs -x.

if nothing shows up everything is ok. you could use zonemgr to run the command in all the zones simultaneously, but somebody at sun should fix this and many other things in smf too.

kind regards, konstantin

Detlef Ulherr schrieb:
Hi Brad

If it  is native container, I would suggest to log into a zone and test
if the desired milestone is online In normal cases, it should be
multi-user-server. If it is a branded zone, consider the runlevel.

Kind Regards

Brad Diggs wrote:
What is the best method to determine when a zone has fully completed 

In the Zone Manager, I do a process listing waiting until syslogd is 
This can be problematic if syslogd isn't installed in the global zone or is
configured by default to not start.

"zoneadm list -cv" is good for determining when the zone starts running 
but it
is not sufficient to determine when the last service of the zone 
completes starting

Thanks in advance,
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