Hi folks,

Plz, I need some help to understand why my zones got errors on "install" 
and "boot" command.

I created a ZFS pool with 146G and three volumes (11GB / 9GB / 6GB). The 
volumes were mounted on /lv00 and /lv01 and /lv02.

When I created my first zone on this machine, I created with 
zonepath=/lv02 (6GB) and got no errors. My zone were installed and 
booted normally, I started up my web server and its applications. I have 
users working on it.
My second and third zones got errors on "install" command with "internal 
problems", 2 packages can't be installed and I tried to run the "boot" 
command.... I got the message "no space left on device".. but my volume 
has 11GB !!!
I tried to install outside the volumes, but inside the pool... I got the 
same error !

These are simple zones, without resource manager or pool configured.

Plz, do you have any idea about it ?

Do you need more details ?


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