Caroline Carol writes:
> Is it possible to configure local zones with a differnt MAC address ?


> With the same MAC as in global, and in the same VLAN, spanning tree encounter 
> problems in the Network 

I'm not sure I follow.  In all cases, with respect to the Spanning
Tree protocol, we're simply an end node.  We don't (currently) bridge
any packets, nor do we emit any BPDUs.

Shared-stack ("ordinary") zones use only alternate IP addresses.
They're exactly equivalent to assigning multiple IP addresses per
interface, as before you could zones with ifconfig's "addif" command.
It's purely an IP concept, and link-layer issues aren't involved.

Exclusive-stack zones allow zones to take possession of a VLAN, but
even in that case, there's nothing that's different from a system
without zones.  In other words, you can create VLANs on a system with
no zones configured at all (only the default global zone), and the
network will be unable to tell the difference in the packets we send
versus a system with non-global zones configured.

As far as Spanning Tree is concerned, end nodes like us don't exist
(because we cannot form L2 forwarding loops) and IP has nothing to do
with the way in which bridging works, so how do zones cause problems?

Or what problems do you specifically see?

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