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> Steffen Weiberle writes:
>  > Does anyone know whether it is possible to 'bridge' [a subset of] VLANs in 
> a switch, to
>  > put more links on the same broadcast domain?
>  Yes -- on a Cisco device, you assign the same "bridge-group" number to
>  multiple VLAN interfaces, and it'll bridge between them.
>  I would expect that other configurable switches have similar features.

Is there a good reference for all of the nifty things you can do on
Solaris networking (IPMP, aggregation, VLAN tagging, etc.) and the
corresponding configuration guidelines for popular networking gear?
Of course this should include a Rosetta stone to help with

Test question:

Draw Lines between the interoperable technologies:

   Sun                  Cisco
   ------------         ------------
   Trunking             Trunking
   VLAN Tagging         EtherChannel

Mike Gerdts
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