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Mike Gerdts wrote:
> Is there a good reference for all of the nifty things you can do on
> Solaris networking (IPMP, aggregation, VLAN tagging, etc.) and the
> corresponding configuration guidelines for popular networking gear?
> Of course this should include a Rosetta stone to help with
> terminology.


I'd love to see a single document that describes how to connect all of
the following technologies:

Many zones (more than available network cards)
Multiple subnets (with firewalls enforcing strict sourcing) -- see also
IPMP doing link-based failover between NICs
(optionally Link aggregation)
Sun Cluster (Using the agent for Solaris Containers)
VLAN tagging wouldn't hurt to add.

I think I have it working (some failure modes are unpleasant) but I've
never seen more than 2 of those technologies in the same "room"

I had to put in IPF rules like (ce0 is connected to the "right" subnet
for this zone, ce4 will not let the packets through) for each interface
block out quick on ce4 to ce0:defaultgw proto tcp/udp from
othersubnet/26 to any

and then write a script to rewrite those rules when IPMP moves the
interface from ce4 to ce5.  It was messy.

> Test question:
> Draw Lines between the interoperable technologies:
>    Sun                        Cisco
>    ------------               ------------
>    Trunking           Trunking
>    VLAN Tagging               EtherChannel

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