Sorry if this is repetitious, but I did a quick search of the
archives and did not see this. I have a sparse zone running on a 10U2
system and I need to migrate it to a system running 10U3. I know that
you are not supposed to force the import if the two systems do not
match, but I thought I read that a new feature was coming that would
permit an import to update the zone to the new OS level. Is that out
(or available as a patch) ?

        Or is there a manual method I could use to update the packages
and patches on the sparse zone when moving it ? I am thinking along
the lines of the following:

1) shut down "old" zone
2) copy old zone to new template zone (already created on new system
but not installed)
3) diff the package and patch info under /var/sadm to see how the
copied zone differs from the OS on the new system
4) apply packages and patches only to the new zone root as necessary
to bring it into alignment with the OS on the new system
5) import patched new zone into the new system

.... or am I just out of luck and I can't get the zone into alignment
with the new system.

The new system is already up and running, with a couple sparse zones
already, so I can't just install it to match the old system. The DBA
need to free up resources on the old server, which is why this zone is

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