Anne Moore wrote:
> Hi All 
> I need to upgrade my Solaris 10 u2 system to Solaris 10 u3 (in order to gain
> some additional ZONE functionality that u2 doesn't offer.)
> I've googled this and can't seem to find a 'how-to' upgrade from u2 to u3
> (on a sparc system).
> I *think* I must use "live upgrade" but I can't find instructions for
> updating only from u2 to u3 with "live upgrade."
> Does anyone know how to do this and can share with me?
> Thanks for your help!
> Anne
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Why not go to u4, as then you can use live upgrade, prior to U4, the 
only upgrade mechanism supported is using jumpstart upgrade, which 
basically under the hood applies all the u3 patches to your u4 system, 
this is slow (depends on number of zones ) does not support zones on 
veritas ( no veritas module in mimiroot, no zones on zfs either.

I'd go to u4,else apply the u3 KU 118833-36 and associated zones patches 
122660-10 to get this functionality, I'd be slow to go the u2 to u3 
upgrade route, as it's cumbersome and was basically a once off.

If applying patches
1 always apply latest patchadd patch first (119254-xx)
2 always run patchadd with -a , ie patchadd -a 118833-36
   This can catch certain classes of errors, ie unpatchable zones, 
unbootable zones etc.
    Depending on number of zones, might be best to leave them running

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