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> Hi All
>  I have a major issue with my OpenSolaris 10 sparc box.
>  I have 16GB of RAM on the box. Every one of my zones see's this 16GB of RAM
>  and so I can only run 3 Oracle zones (because Oracle must use 50% of the
>  total ram it sees, and it can't be changed.)
>  Here's my question: Is there any way in a non-global zone that I can make
>  that non-global zone see only the partial amount of RAM installed on the
>  server? Say, can I make the non-global zone see 8 GB of RAM, instead of the
>  16GB that is installed on server?

If you are Solaris 10 Update 4 (8/07) or at least have recent patches
installed you can set various parameters that can be useful.

>From http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/816-5166/6mbb1kqlf?a=view:

zonecfg:my-zone3> add capped-memory
zonecfg:my-zone3:capped-memory> set physical=50m
zonecfg:my-zone3:capped-memory> set swap=100m
zonecfg:my-zone3:capped-memory> end
zonecfg:myzone3> exit

Also see:

   (prstat and rcapd are much better about counting memory
   now, but I would still contend that if rcapd has to do any
   work it will induce poor performance across all workloads)

Mike Gerdts
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