Yes, I did read that. But I have no clue as to what the
libzonecfg/zonecfg/zomeadm patches are. (I do not have a sun service plan.)
Also, whenever I install patches on my systems they always tend to break
other things. So, I must remove all of my zones and data on each server
FIRST before patching them. And that kind of effort takes days of straight
work. Eventually I may "have" to do it, but for right now, I'm looking for a
creative solution to the memory problem....

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> Hi Mike, ohhh, I wish I could use that capped-memory! I'm on update 3, 
> so my  zones don't support it. Bummer.
>  Thanks for the response

Pay attention to the "or recent patches" part of my reply.  You could be on
the initial release of Solaris 10 (before update 1) with the kernel +
libzonecfg/zonecfg/zoneadm patches that are at least as new as the version
that came with Solaris 10 U4 and you can use the features.  Saying that you
need to be on "Solaris 10 Update X" is a convenient way but commonly
inaccurate way to give an indication of the patches required.

Mike Gerdts

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