Menno Lageman wrote:
> Anne Moore wrote:
>>  <<I doubt it. If Oracle is taking 1/2 of physical memory by default, it
>> will probably do so whether you have 4GB or 40GB.>>
>> Probably so. But I'm using Zones here, so it may be a different story all
>> together.
>> <<page 94 of has tunables
>> for Oracle 9>>
>> Thanks. I'm using Oracle 10g 2. I'll see if I can find a article for that.
>> (Unfortunately, I don't have a sun solve service plan!)
> For Oracle 10g you'll probably want to look at the  sga_target and 
> sga_max_size initialization parameters to limit Oracle's use of memory.
> Menno
Just to clarify a bit, when the Oracle installer is creating a starter 
database it will take 40% of available memory, ( and in 32 bit up to 4G 
only is allowable ),
But this is just the default ( oracle likes memory and generally will 
try and take what  it can )
So these parameters that go to make up The Oracle System Global Area ( 
SGA ) can be resized ( and should be for performance/optimisation ) anyway,
ie shared_pool_size, large_pool_size block buffers etc, but care should 
be taken as gettign it wrong can have bad consequence.

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