I am definitely using OpenSolaris as that's what I downloaded and installed,
(excuse me if it's not called "10").

<<it sounds like you need some local support>>
I feel sorry for you James. It appears you must put people down to feel
better about yourself. Why not go to a shrink for help?! 

You gave a very obvious (LOL) answer that a novice level would give. I need
SENIOR level engineers helping out. I take care of 312 Solaris boxes,
including VM's. I tried all the trivial normal stuff like what you

You "SUN" guys/gals told me I could NOT migrate all of my zones from one
patch level to another. WRONG. I migrated 11 such zones and each is working
perfectly. IN fact, I think you should come to my Solaris classes. You would
learn quite a bit.

Next time, ask a real engineer before you respond.


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Anne Moore writes:
> I'm running OpenSolaris 10.

There's no such thing as "OpenSolaris 10."  OpenSolaris is a different minor
release from Solaris 10 (it's effectively what will one day be "Solaris
11").  If you need support for Solaris 10, please contact Sun's support

> The WORST part is that it's now lost all of it's network recognition. 
> It says that there are NO NIC's installed! I ran #touch /reconfigure 
> and still, nothing. I booted of OBP with "boot -r" and still nothing. 
> I'm running a SUN T1000.

I'm not sure what's going on with this system (it sounds like you need some
local support), but you can do this on just about any Solaris system to
discover what NICs are installed:

        ifconfig -a plumb
        ifconfig -a

If you're really using OpenSolaris, then "dladm show-link" will show the
NICs without having to plumb them all.

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