Anne Moore writes:
> I am definitely using OpenSolaris as that's what I downloaded and installed,
> (excuse me if it's not called "10").

I was trying to find out which one you actually have.  Solaris 10 and
OpenSolaris are different entities.

> <<it sounds like you need some local support>>
> I feel sorry for you James. It appears you must put people down to feel
> better about yourself. Why not go to a shrink for help?! 

I wasn't trying to put you down at all.  I'm sorry if it sounded that
way in email.

I was suggesting that if you have Solaris 10 (which it sounded to me
like you did -- many Solaris 10 users errantly think they're using
OpenSolaris, and I've never heard of an OpenSolaris user refer to his
or her system as "10"), then you ought to contact a local Sun support
person.  That's what support is for.

> Next time, ask a real engineer before you respond.

Ah, well, time to turn in that worthless sheepskin, I guess.  :-/

As for the unexpected results on sys-unconfig, did it ask you any
questions at all on boot-up?

If this really is OpenSolaris, which one is it exactly?  There are
multiple distributions, each with many different builds.  Narrowing
down the field seems like the first obvious step.

Is it perhaps Indiana?  If so, then you should be contacting that
project team directly.

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