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I’m evaluating Etude and I’m not sure if it is free or not if I do not want a 




"What are the software components of the offering?

 The Migration Assistant software captures the entire environment of the 
Solaris 8
 source system and then transfers this environment to a Solaris Container 
running on the target Solaris 10 system.
 A one year right to use (RTU) for this software is included. Please note that 
the license is not perpetual.
 Solaris 8 Migration Assistant 1.0 is now available for download."


So it says a 1 year RTU is included.

But on a download page - http://www.sun.com/download/products.xml?id=470c4a45
"Note: This download comes with an evaluation license for a period of 90 days 
from your first use.
 For full support please contact your Sun sales team for the full RTU
 and service subscription."


So is it 1 year or 90 days?



Then in FAQ there’s:

"This subscription does not impact the Solaris 8 right-to-use.
Customers must have a valid Solaris 8 license and either a Solaris 10
Premium Subscription or a Sun System Gold or Platinum Service Plan.
Customers can test out the Solaris 8 Migration Assistant as it is available via 
however, in order to get support for the software, customers must purchase the 
Enterprise Migration Implementation Service.


Then on 
You can find some answers I got from Marc Hamilton
“There are three distinct RTU licenses needed to use Solaris 8 Migration 
 1) RTU for Solaris 8, 2) RTU for Solaris 10, 3) RTU for the Solaris 8 
Migration Assistant tool itself.
 Solaris 10 RTU is available at no cost. Sun has never offered no cost RTU for 
Solaris 8 because
 at the time of its release, most customers acquired their Solaris 8 RTU with 
their Sun hardware.
 The RTU for the Solaris 8 Migration Assistant itself is also no cost.
 We are not including a free Solaris 8 RTU with the product because we assume 
that customers who have Solaris 8
 hardware they obtained through authorized channels would already have a valid 
license and providing a free Solaris 8
 license would only benefit customers who had obtained grey market equipment 
from unauthorized resellers
 or other non-licensed sources. The wording around "customers must purchase the 
Enterprise Migration
 Implementation Service to install the Solaris 8 Migration Assistant" is 
incorrect, I will have it changed.”

So if I do not want a support it is for free – right?

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