Crambit Team wrote:
> Hi all,
> I need to move two zones to a 2 different systems as global zone. In one 
> of them I have Oracle. 
> My questions are:
> 1) What is the best way to do so?
what Solaris release are you on?
If it's the Solaris 10 updates, then best to have both systems in sync in terms 
of patches 
+ packages really. After that then, zoneadm detach/attach are your best bet.
> 2) From the zone that has Oracle is there anything I have to be aware of 
> when I move it?
ah yes Oracle, well how are you managing the migration of the Oracle datafiles 
and so on, 
I assume you probably have some storage available to the zone via zonecfg add 
device etc?

I assume memory etc on the new system is sufficient for Oracle.

In general moving an app like an Oracle DB, would require large amounts of 
testing, so 
that things like performance don't take a nosedive.
In my experience with Oracle, moving from one system to another can induce 
issues with respect to how say access is configured to storage on the new 
system, or say 
how a later OS release might impact on the current optimised database, ie if 
your database 
is highly optimised with respect to one system, it might take some time to get 
it to say 
level on a later OS update etc.
Very hard to tell with Oracle, so I'd strongly suggest trying to setup a test 
zone on 
target system and replicate the DB to this, in order to test performance etc 


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