Crambit Team wrote:
> Hi Enda,
> the Solaris  release is 8/07. 
> What I really need is move the zone (doing like an ufsdump) and let it 
> becaming a global zone and not a zone in a another system. 

not that I'm aware of ( making a non-global zone be a global zone somewhere 
Sorry I missed that bit of vital info in previous mail.

un-doable I would imagine as zones would not have the files/binaries need to 
physically boot a system ( due to SUNW_PKG_HOLLOW=true on some core packages )

I'd suggest installing oracle on target machine and importing DB to it.
then rebuild indexes etc.

Is there some other reason for not being able to do above ( ie import oracle DB 

> This is because we didn't have a new Sun blade so we created a zone in 
> another machine then the oracle/application people could work in the 
> meantime we order another system.
> Fred
> On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 1:57 PM, Enda O'Connor ( Sun Micro Systems 
> Ireland) <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> wrote:
>     Crambit Team wrote:
>      > Hi all,
>      > I need to move two zones to a 2 different systems as global zone.
>     In one
>      > of them I have Oracle.
>      > My questions are:
>      >
>      > 1) What is the best way to do so?
>     what Solaris release are you on?
>     If it's the Solaris 10 updates, then best to have both systems in
>     sync in terms of patches
>     + packages really. After that then, zoneadm detach/attach are your
>     best bet.
>      > 2) From the zone that has Oracle is there anything I have to be
>     aware of
>      > when I move it?
>     ah yes Oracle, well how are you managing the migration of the Oracle
>     datafiles and so on,
>     I assume you probably have some storage available to the zone via
>     zonecfg add device etc?
>     I assume memory etc on the new system is sufficient for Oracle.
>     In general moving an app like an Oracle DB, would require large
>     amounts of testing, so
>     that things like performance don't take a nosedive.
>     In my experience with Oracle, moving from one system to another can
>     induce performance
>     issues with respect to how say access is configured to storage on
>     the new system, or say
>     how a later OS release might impact on the current optimised
>     database, ie if your database
>     is highly optimised with respect to one system, it might take some
>     time to get it to say
>     level on a later OS update etc.
>     Very hard to tell with Oracle, so I'd strongly suggest trying to
>     setup a test zone on
>     target system and replicate the DB to this, in order to test
>     performance etc beforehand.
>     Enda
>      >
>      > TIA
>      >
>      > Fred
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