Tony Ambrozie wrote:
> Hi,
> I cloned an existing zone with *zoneadm -z newzone clone **oldzone** *etc.
> After successfully booting the new zone, I noticed that services were in
> different states between the two zones (for example, ssh was offline in the
> new zone).  Isn't the services repository supposed to be cloned as is?
> Secondly, overall disk space utilized by the new zone was considerably
> different than the old zone, are there files not subject to cloning (maybe
> logs, however most of the /var/adm/* seems to have been copied).

It sounds like you did not complete system configuration for the
new zone.  When you clone a zone the new zone is in the unconfigured
state, just as if you had done a fresh install.  Until you configure
the zone many services won't be on-line.  As far as file sizes, was the
new zone bigger or smaller?  when the zone is copied sparse files might
expand to full size.

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