roush wrote:

> Sun Cluster plans to support an iSCSI disk as a quorum device.
> Sun Cluster accesses the iSCSI disk early in the boot process.
> When the iSCSI disk is on the same subnet as the cluster machines,
> things work. When the iSCSI disk is on a different subnet
> the system cannot find the iSCSI disk (ENXIO). However,
> after Solaris is fully up we have no access problems.
> Solaris automatically boots up zones in many configurations.
> The point at which Solaris boots zones is later, so
> you may or may not hit this problem. I would be
> interested to hear whether you encounter this problem or not.

Hi Ellard,

No, I have not encountered this problem.  The targets mount just in time 
for my zones.  But it sounds to me like a dependency on 
svc:/network/routing/route:default for cluster could help this along?

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