Looks like the environment contained in /etc/default/init is read and set
by startd and init.  Since zlogin'ed processes are not child of startd or init
in the zone, they do not have these environment settings.

Given brands, to fix this, we would need to add a hook that asks the zone:

    Please fetch me the default login environment.

It would be similar to the hook that we currently have for fetching the
passwd entry for a given user.

I'm not sure if zlogin was intended to provide a login environment matching
that of other login facilities.  Please file a bug for evalutation.

-Steve L.

On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 09:57:25AM -0700, Vincent Boisard wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am currently experimenting with zones on opensolaris snv_77
> I did set a default locale in /etc/default/init (in the zone) (ie: 
> en_GB.UTF-8).
> If I log into the zone with zlogin testzone, this locale setting is not used 
> (no LANG or LC_* in env) .
> If I log with zlogin -C testzone and the log in on the console, everything 
> work fine.
> Is it the normal behavior or is something wrong here?
> thanks in advance,
> Vincent
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