On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 7:41 AM, Paul Van Der Zwan wrote:
>  I only ran into it with the servers enabled at boot in the zones, disabling 
> the servers seems
>  to fix the problem.
>  The sockets apparently only were created when the server was running. Even 
> though I had
>  the zones halted the lucreate process started them enough to have the server 
> processes started.
>  I did get an error message from lucreate that the zone copy in the new BE 
> was not created
>  correctly. If you don't get that error you are probably running into 
> something else.
>  The CR number is 2154382, it's an old one but has been bumped up to P1.


So it looks like that CR is definitely what I was running into.  I see
from http://bugs.opensolaris.org/view_bug.do?bug_id=2154382 that this
has been fixed in Solaris 10 Update 5.  Do you know if a patch will be
made for Solaris 10 Update 4?

I finally got a chance to retry the LU on my server yesterday 4/2.  I
started with the lumake and this time I got the following error.

Copying root of zone <ldap-supplc>.
ERROR: Zone <ldap-supplc> in BE <sol10-2007-08>: cannot copy root
        See </tmp/.lucopy.cpio_err.6730.ldap-supplc> for details.

Checking that error file I see the following.

cpio: Cannot open
"./root/var/Sun/mps/admin-serv/tmp/iwswatchdog.19207", skipped, errno
122, Operation not supported on transport endpoint
cpio: Cannot open "./root/var/Sun/mps/admin-serv/tmp/iwsadmin.19208",
skipped, errno 122, Operation not supported on transport endpoint
8052896 blocks
2 error(s)

Sure enough these were sockets that were not cleaned up when I
shutdown Directory Server 5.2P4.  So I went ahead and manully ran rm
on each socket file and tried lumake again.  This time there were no
errors.  I did luactivate and booted to the ABE with no problem and
the 2 zones started up fine.

I then went back to the BE and applied my patches with PCA (yes I know
PCA is not supported by Sun) with the following commands.

lumount sol10p-20080402
./pca -R /.alt.sol10p-20080402 --install
luumount sol10p-20080402

Another luactivate of the ABE followed by an init 6 and all seems to
be fine now.  So, hopefully there will be a patch to cpio in the
future, or I'll just have to pay closer attention to those lingering

Thanks again to everyone's input and help.  I really appreciate it.

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