Sanjay Akula wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to add two IP Address to local zone? can anybody suggest 
> the how to add two ip's to local zones?

If using shared-IP non-global zones, you can add as many 'add net' 
sections to the zonecfg as you would like. Keep in mind if it is more 
that 255 per 'physical', you must increase the ip_addrs_per_if /dev/ip 
setting via ndd(1M). You can also add them when the zone is running by 
issueing `ifconfig addif ..... zone <zonename>`

If your zone is an exclusive-IP instance, you can touch (and fill) more 
/etc/hostname.<xyzN>:M or include 'addif' statements to the base 
/etc/hostname.<xyzN> in the non-global zone. In this case since the 
global zone can not see the IP Instance of the non-global zone, you must 
add in the non-global zone.


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