> The original question here was about what sort of source selection
 > behavior to expect, and what happens when the "wrong" routes are
 > present when a TCP connection is attempted.  As far as the user is
 > concerned, the answers are (1) you must discard a TCP socket if it
 > fails to connect and you're going to try again and (2) when you try
 > again, you get another roll of the dice as far as forwarding and
 > source selection is concerned.  If something new is available, you may
 > well end up using it.
 > The fact that we cache and that our caching has limitations doesn't
 > really enter into that discussion.

I never said it did.  I just wanted to make it clear that our
implementation does not actually do source address selection
on each packet, even if the observed behavior is indistuishable
from one that does.  Yes, a small point.

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