Hi Martin et al,

no, since parts of Solaris Cluster are implemented in the kernel you can 
not run the Solaris 8 cluster framework within a zone of brand type 
solaris8. So the cluster API is not available within a solaris8 branded 
zone. RGM will not recognize branded zones as potential resource group 
receivers within the Nodelist.

If you want to transfer an existing Solaris 8 system which is currently 
a physical cluster node, you should remove the cluster configuration and 
software before going through the p2v process.

What is possible today is to manage the solaris8 branded zone with the 
HA Container Agent. SC 3.2U1 works out of the box, SC 3.2 needs Patch 
126020-02. For SC 3.1U4 there is Patch 120590-06.

In this case you failover the complete zone, and through the sczsh 
component of the HA Container you can even manage applications running 
within that zone, by providing custom start, stop and probe scripts.


Martin Paulucci wrote:
> Ethan, Guys,
> To clarify, my question is:
> Does Sun Cluster 3.2 support that RG node list is a Solaris 8 branded  
> zone?.
> Regards,
> Martin.

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