Scenario (simplified):
- 2 node cluster (nodes A and B) using Veritas Application Director (Similar to Veritas Cluster Server in functionality) - Each node is running Solaris 10 11/06 (update 3) with identical patches (recommended patches from around 7/07 or so) - There are two non-global sparse zones (Zones 1 and 2) for services that fail over between the nodes with shared storage for the zone roots (using zone attach/detach to fail zones back and forth)

We want to install recent patches on these systems, minimizing downtime. I know Solaris 10 8/07 added live upgrade support for zones, but that isn't an option right now.

Initial question - it is my understanding that when zones are detached, they go into the "configured" state on the detached node, and patchadd will not attempt to patch these "configured" non-global zones. Correct?

What I'm thinking for best practice:
- leave zone 1 on node A, and zone 2 on node B.
- disable cluster on node A and set service group for apps in zone 1 to maintenance mode, shut down apps in zone 1, prepare node A for patching. - patch node a and zone1 and reboot, make sure zone 1 comes up appropriately. - re-enable cluster on node A, restart apps in zone 1, verify apps are running appropriately and take apps in zone 1 out of maintenance mode.
- repeat above process for Node B/Zone 2
- Test failover of Service Groups/Zones between nodes.

Does this sound like an appropriate high-level practice for patching in this scenario? I'm actually going to be doing this on a 3 node cluster with a bunch more zones, but wanted to make sure I understand the best way of handling the simple case first.


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