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>  Does anyone know how to setup and run Solaris Management Console on a
>  whole-root zone? I've searched quite a bit online, but can't seem to find
>  the procedure for it.

        We run the Solaris Management Console on at least one sparse
zone, so it should just work on a whole root zone. Be aware that there
are at least two services (SMF) that need to be running for it to
work. I set it up months ago and don't remember the specifics ...
svc:/application/management/sma:default and
svc:/application/management/wbem:default I *think* were the two I

        Now, if you are talking about the Sun Management Center
console, I was never able to get it (under 3.6.1) to install and run
in a Non-Global Zone of any type. The server ran fine in a Whole Root
Zone, but the installer refused to install just the console component
in an NG Zone.

Paul Kraus
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