Hi Folks,

I was trying to setup iscsi target in one local zone and trying to 
access it via initiator in another local zone. Basically I'm trying this 
as NFS server is not supported within a local zone.
I'm running nvs87 on maramba.

To begin I'm not seeing svc:/system/iscsitgt:default 
svc:/network/iscsi_initiator:default services in local zone.

Also, when I try doing to set discovery on initiator after creating a 
target in global zone I'm getting this error.
bash-3.2# iscsiadm modify discovery --sendtargets enable
iscsiadm: Internal library error: Incorrect oid type specified
iscsiadm: Unable to complete operation

Has anyone tried this before? I heard from Jeff Victor that local zones 
dont support hosting a iscsi target.

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