Both of these require the Solaris 9 Containers software (p2v comes with the
Containers software).  The software has a 90 day free evaluation license 
production use requires purchase of an annual license. Search for Solaris 9
Containers on

There are a number of restrictions (e.g., no kernel modules so things 
such as
Brixton SNA or ClearCase won't work in such a zone). The intent is that
the software is a migration aid - support will end when support for the 
OS it
'emulates' ends. Many ISVs will not support their software running in such
a container - if ISV support is required, ask the ISV.

One option you should consider is whether the app will just run on 
Solaris 10
without any special software. AppCert is a good starting point for answers
to that question.

Jim Litchfield

Dr. Hung-Sheng Tsao(LaoTsao) wrote:
> two  ways
> 1)p2v
> 2)flar
> Crambit Team wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> is it possible install a Solaris 9 in a zone on Solaris 10?
>> Thank in advance
>> Crambit Team
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