On Fri, 2008-05-16 at 12:12 -0400, Sanjay Akula wrote:
> Can any body give the procedure for how to clone a local zone and move
> it on to different server and change the ip address of that cloned
> zone and fire it up with new hostname and new ip address? can someone
> help me on this. I never tried this...

It might go into too much detail, but take a look at


The basic process is

1. Create a zone configuration for you new non-global zone.

# zonecfg -z newzone create -t oldzone

and then go back in with zonecfg and change things like
IP address, zonepath, filesystems and devices.

To change the IP address, try something like

# zonecfg -z newzone
select net physical=e1000g0
        set address=

This will change the IP address on e1000g0.   Change the
nic and IP address as necessary.

2. Clone the zone

# zoneadm -z oldzone halt
# zoneadm -z newzone clone oldzone

3. Detach the new zone

# zoneadm -z newzone detach

4. Copy the new zone to a new server

# scp -r newzonepath [EMAIL PROTECTED]:newzonepath

5. Attach the new zone to the new server.

# (on new server) zonecfg -z newzone create -a newzonepath
# zoneadm -z newzone attach

6. Supply a sysidcfg for the new zone (optional, but cool!)

Things like local loopback filesystem mounts can cause some difficulty. 


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