Lewis Thompson wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a customer who has a basic IPMP config in his global zone:
>    vnet0 & vnet1 [currently vnet0 has the 'floating' IP]
> In addition he has a zone with ip-type=shared where physical=vnet1
> When the zone boots the zone interface gets created on vnet0 instead of
> vnet1
> I have verified this behaviour on a test system and can confirm that the
> zone interface acts in the same way as the floating IP.  i.e. if I run
> 'if_mpadm -d vnet0', then the zone's IP fails over to vnet1
> Unfortunately I can't find any documentation that discusses this
> behaviour.  Is anybody aware of any documents that explain what we are
> seeing?

I haven't found any explicit documentation on this topic. But the 
association, whether you use vnet0 or vnet1, is with the IPMP group. 
Thus specifying physical=vnet1 clearly doesn't constrain the IP address 
to always live on vnet1; it moves when there is a failure.
Whether its initial placement, even when vnet1 is not failed, is on 
vnet0 or vnet1 is an implementation matter.

Does the initial placement on something different than vnet1 cause a 
problem? Or is it just confusing?

FWIW Once Clearview IPMP integrates this will become more clear since 
we'll have the IP addresses on an ipmp interface - the failure handling 
and load spreading will be transparent to the user.

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