Maciej Browarski wrote:
> Hm,
> Yes, is possible, but unsupported :).
> For example, you have inherit-pkg-dir for /opt directory and zone name 
> is foo and zone root is in /zone/root/.
> First, on unbooted zone, you copy:
> cp -rP /opt /zone/root/opt
> then delete inherit-pkg-dir from xml config file: /etc/zones/foo.xml
> and then you can boot the zone.
> I don't know behavior if you copy /platform directory. (tested only for 
> /usr/, /sbin, /usr directory)

the only problem is that by copying in, you are taking each and every 
file ( some might be hollow, especially those in /platform ),
patching in a zone that was modified like this might or might not work,
ie you patched a sparse zone,  the undo created by patchadd in the zone 
will be sparse itslef, but if you modify the zone using a cp command, 
then patchrm will only remove the files that were applicable when the 
zone was sparse, ie patchrm will succeed but won't remove files it 
should have if zone was created normally as a whole root zone.

Modified zone might work, but might exhibit some strange behaviour 
later, especially around patch/packaging commaands.
If you go this route, then you cannot really patchrm any patches applied 
up to that point, that are removing files from the directories you have 

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> Enda O'Connor ( Sun Micro Systems Ireland) wrote:
>> Krzys wrote:
>>> Is there way to convert sparse solaris zone to whole root zone? if yes what 
>>> or 
>>> how could I do that? Is it even possible to do so?
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>> Hi
>> No it's not possible, currently you'd have to uninstall/delete the sparse 
>> zone and re do 
>> it as a whole root zone.
>> Why is it necessary to do this out of interest.
>> Enda
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