Bob Netherton wrote:
>> would I be able to export and import zones from one server to another if I 
>> have 
>> different pkg's in local zone from what it is in global? What is the subject 
>> to 
>> the resrtictions of PKG_ALL_ZONES? I am not sure if I do undesrtand this 
>> part.
> The short answer is yes.  Since most of your packages exist inside your
> zoneroot, when you attach you are able to resolve the package/patch
> requirements with the software you already have.
> See the man page for pkginfo(4) and read the description of the
> SUN_PKG_ALLZONES (sorry, I mispelled it earlier - that might have led
> to the confusion).  Specifically
> - The SUNW_PKG_ALLZONES attribute controls whether a package must be installed
>  in all zones (and must be the same in all zones) when it is installed.
> This applies to both sparse and whole root zones.   The idea here is
> that there is some dependency such that we all have to agree to the same
> version of the software.   I'll make up an example to illustrate my
> point.  Let's say that there is a dependency between the serial device
> driver and uucp.   So I'll mark the package with the serial driver as
> SUNW_PKG_ALLZONES so that we all get the same one or none of us get it. 
> This will prevent you from installing a different version of uucp in
> your zone.   This would give you flexibility of installing uucp or
> not, but if you do choose to install uucp then it has to be the one
> that matches the serial driver that we have all agreed to standardize
> on.
> Now this example is not real, but I couldn't think of an example that
> was simple enough to describe in a paragraph :-)

Hopefully everyone is aware of the 'update on attach' feature in nv
that allows you to update the zone to match the gz when you migrate
from one system to another.  It knows about the SUNW_PKG_ALLZONES pkg
attribute as well as inherited-pkg-dirs and figures out which pkgs to
update.  That feature has been backported to s10 and will show up in

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