James Carlson wrote:
> James Carlson writes:
>> Steffen Weiberle writes:
>>> BTW, this only works for default routes. Static ones don't work. at 
>>> least that is my/others' experience.
>> That's not true.  Default routes are not supposed to be special.
>> They're just regular network routes that happen to have 0/0 as a
>> destination.
> Eh ... nuts.  I forgot about the special strangeness around "default"
> routes in zones.  I still think it's not good, but you're right about
> that.
> :-<

Hi James, maybe I was not clear. My understanding is that default routes 
work well, especially after a fix introduced around the time of Solaris 
10 8/07--don't know when it was delivered in Nevada.

Using static routes, such as

route add net x.y.z.0 x.y.z.1 1

does not work as expected.

CR 5023347 has the fix to this as IP Instances.

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