This did the trick, the zone booted and got the vfe1000 interface configured.

However my original issue is still there, as I am now sending vlan- tagged ethernet frames to a switch/router on which I have no control and which is discarding them. I guess the solution for me is to use the crossbow vnic's once they become available for Solaris 10 (when ?) or move to OpenSolaris


On Jun 6, 2008, at 6:03 PM, Erik Nordmark wrote:

Alain Durand wrote:

PS : On Solaris 10 Update 5 dladm cannot be used to create vlan's so I
used "ifconfig vfe1000 plumb up" instead.

I haven't tested update 5 but in update 4 it worked fine as long as you
don't plumb it in the global zone. (No 'create-vlan' needed either.)

The use of the implicit VLAN (e.g., vfe1000) makes it come into
existence when the zone is booted.

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