Peter Tobac wrote:
> Hi,
> from performance point of view running an application in a Solaris 10 
> zone does not differ from running it in the global zone.
> What about Solaris 8/9 containers?  Would a Solaris 8/9 container be 
> less performant than a native S8/S9 installation?

There is an emulation layer for branded zones
so there is some extra overhead that is not
needed with native zones.  The overhead will
vary for each brand and for the various system
calls that need emulation.  For the s8/9 brands
we were careful to keep the emulation overhead
low or nonexistent for the most common code paths,
so it should generally not be a factor.  Plus,
you should be moving from slow, obsolete hardware
to new, faster hardware (which doesn't run s8/9),
so that should more than make up the difference.
There are lots of factors that come into play so
you really need to measure the performance if it

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