I just realized that things might work differently on OpenSolaris than 
"Solaris", but this seemed to be a very active zone-aware community, so my 
apologies of this query is misplaced.

We have a product that is delivered as a Solaris package. Part of the 
installation can involve creation of a RBAC profile and the  installation of 
the corresponding help file. We have run into a problem with installing into a 
non-global sparse-root zone. The problem is that while creation of the profile 
involves modifications to /etc, which is allowed; creation of the help file 
requires writing to /usr/lib/help/profiles/locale/C, which is not allowed.

Is there any workaround for this (other than getting the help file installed 
via the global zone)? Or is this simply an incompatibility between RBAC file 
management and a sparse-root zone? It would seem to me that RBAC should really 
keep all of its files in the same area of the filesystem, or else provide a 
means to override the location of the profile help files.

David Holmes
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