Jim Nissen wrote:
> James,
> No, asking simply because the Solaris tunables guide list both those TCP 
> settings that are changed via ndd and other that are /etc/system.  
> Customer's asking me if exclusive IP will allow for a NGZ to have its 
> own /etc/system TCP tunables, or if they are global.
> I think Steffen addressed this.

I was going to include this reference in my previous response...


A lot of things that used to be in /etc/system are no longer there since

1. it does no syntax checking
2. it applies to the whole system
3. it requires a reboot to take effect

So I think the answer is still that you do general IP stack tuning on 
the zone that "owns" the stack--the global zone for share IP Instances, 
and the individual non-global zone(s) for exclusive IP Instances.

Things you still may tune in /etc/system affect drivers, and some things 
such as ip_squeue_fanout. I suspect the list of non-driver, non-NFS 
tunables via /etc/system is small.


> Thanks to all,
> Jim
> James Carlson wrote:
>> Jim Nissen writes:
>>> Will Solaris 10 Zones, with exclusive IP, allow one to set NGZ TCP 
>>> tunables, like tcp_conn_req_max_q?
>> Yes, every zone configured as exclusive has its own TCP/IP stack
>> instance.
>> Are you asking because you've encountered some problem with this?
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