Joerg Barfurth wrote:

> I was away a couple of days, but still wanted to comment.
> Darren Reed schrieb:
>> Something that really annoys me with zoneadm is that the syntax
>> for its command line is different to the other new commands, ie
>> the subommand comes after the zone name and the zone name
>> needs to have a -z before it.
>> ugh.
>> So I went and looked at zoneadm.c - it seems well enough
>> structured to make hacking easy..
>> The attached diffs modify zoneadm to work like this:
>> zoneadm boot fred
> But your change becomes counterintuitive (IMHO), when subcommand 
> options are used. The result certainly doesn't fit any commandline 
> standard (CLIP, etc) I know.

Compare the usage of zoneadm with svcadm, dladm, zfs or
any of the other newer *adm commands that have a subcommand
directly after the command name.

Furthermore, I'm not concerned with any _official_ standard,
we seem to be making up our own "standards" as we go.

I think having all of our commands that have subcommands be
consistent in use within the same operating system is of value,
don't you?

> The distinction between operands and arguments get blurred when they 
> are positioned in arbitrary places. Typical syntax for command with 
> subcommands and arguments, would be
>    zoneadm detach -n fred
> rather than
>    zoneadm detach fred -n

This wasn't a focus of what I was doing...

But in all seriousness, if the subcommand is going to
follow the command name then the other important
change is to have the key be at the end.

> OTOH a change that puts the zonename at the end is less obvious to do 
> in the code and results in less obvious syntax for subcommands that 
> have argument lists of their own, for example reboot:
>    zoneadm reboot fred [ boot-args ]
> or
>    zoneadm reboot -- fred [ boot-args ]
> or
>    zoneadm reboot fred [-- boot-args ]
> Whichof those is best/acceptable/misleading?

Considering that I do:
reboot -- net - install
it would seem that the best is the last.

> And the interaction with global options also is non-obvious. Why do 
> you support
>    zoneadm mark fred incomplete
> (N.B: not 'zoneadm mark incomplete fred')
> but not
>    zoneadm -R /someroot mark fred incomplete

Because doing that was going to take longer than the short period
of time I set aside to experiment with this - in this case, parsing the
-R needs to be moved to be after the subcommand.


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