Brian Smith wrote:
> When rcapd is calculating how much memory is free, to compare to the memory
> cap enforcement threshold, does it consider the memory used by the ZFS cache
> to be free or used? If I set "rcapadm -c 90" then will rcapd behave any
> differently than with "rcapadm -c 0" if there is a ZFS cache? I have read
> that the ZFS cache will use all free physical RAM.

IIRC, the ARC is limit to 3/4 of total memory. That is the max, it may 
use [much] less, depending on overall memory use.

In your case, where you are allowing up to 90%, the ARC may get small if 
that memory is actually getting used. zfs-discuss is a good place to get 
info regarding ARC vs VM memory

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> Brian
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