On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 8:47 AM, Steffen Weiberle
> I am not sure I have an opinion yet, as I am not sure what "major
> downgrade" means. If that would allow you detach the zone from the new
> system and re-attach on the original, I can see a benefit. (The
> inability to attach a zone on its original system is my biggest concern
> with the upgrade on attach.)

The combination of update on attach plus zones on ZFS should make this
problem be one that isn't too scary.  I imagine the following as being
standard practice.

zfs snapshot zones/[EMAIL PROTECTED]
zoneadm -z $zone attach -u
if [ $? != 0 ] ; then
    zfs rollback zones/[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Of course, it would be nice if zoneadm would just do this on its own.

> One thought with 2) is to also consider -P filename, where filename
> lists the patches or packages. Similar to -x and -X for flarcreate.

The only reason I would say not to use another option is to keep the
option free for other things in the future.  I think that the IDR
situation will be rare and the probability that a lot of IDR's exist
on a single system is quite unlikely.  Assuming that the
Indiana/OpenSolaris approach to packaging is integrated as the
replacement for current packaging+patching then this functionality
will not really be needed post S10 and as such also suggests that
keeping the option free for something else may make sense.

If I am wrong about the likelihood of having a longish list of patches
to ignore, then I think the -P option makes sense.

Mike Gerdts
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