Darren Reed writes:
> 2) it would seem the next place worth going is:
>   zoneadm <subcommand> [all options]
> 3) but what I'd rather do is:
>   zoneadm <subcommand> <zonename> [all-options-except -z]

You might want to review the CLIP specification and companion, as the
above goal seems to be out of step -- options are supposed to go
before the operand, not trailing after:


I'm not really a fan of CLIP, but I am a fan of consistency.  To the
degree we can manage it, we shouldn't have individual utilities
striking out to explore new command line syntax territory.

> ...but just maybe that requires (2) to allow for -u.  The other
> thing to say is that any string that is going to be successfully
> parsed by linuuid(3) is not going to be a normal zonename,
> therefore no -u is required for <zonename> to indicate that
> it is a uuid instead - the string can be passed to libuuid(3)
> and if it works, we move along.  The only problem that poses
> if someone was expecting "zoneadm blah uuid" to fail on
> purpose - but I'd wager that more people would like it to
> "just work" than fail.

I think that misses part of the point of the compatibility feature in
"-u".  When you supply both -u and -z, we select the zone matching
based on UUID first.  If there is no such zone, then we select the
zone matching based on name.  This allows us to deal with the upgrade
cases from S10 FCS where there was no UUID.

In this new world without option introducers, such a situation would
require the user (or script) to supply both the UUID and the zone on
the command line, making the syntax a rather confusing:

        zoneadm <subcommand> [<UUID>] [<name>]

I'm still really unclear on what problem we're solving.  Is it just
that zlogin has a command line that behaves like rlogin (needing no
option to select "host"), and that zoneadm/zonecfg use an option to
specify the same thing?

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