James Carlson wrote:

>Darren Reed writes:
>>2) it would seem the next place worth going is:
>>  zoneadm <subcommand> [all options]
>>3) but what I'd rather do is:
>>  zoneadm <subcommand> <zonename> [all-options-except -z]
>You might want to review the CLIP specification and companion, as the
>above goal seems to be out of step -- options are supposed to go
>before the operand, not trailing after:
>  http://opensolaris.org/os/community/arc/caselog/2006/062/spec-clip-html/
>I'm not really a fan of CLIP, but I am a fan of consistency.  To the
>degree we can manage it, we shouldn't have individual utilities
>striking out to explore new command line syntax territory.
>>...but just maybe that requires (2) to allow for -u.  The other
>>thing to say is that any string that is going to be successfully
>>parsed by linuuid(3) is not going to be a normal zonename,
>>therefore no -u is required for <zonename> to indicate that
>>it is a uuid instead - the string can be passed to libuuid(3)
>>and if it works, we move along.  The only problem that poses
>>if someone was expecting "zoneadm blah uuid" to fail on
>>purpose - but I'd wager that more people would like it to
>>"just work" than fail.
>I think that misses part of the point of the compatibility feature in
>"-u".  When you supply both -u and -z, we select the zone matching
>based on UUID first.  If there is no such zone, then we select the
>zone matching based on name.  This allows us to deal with the upgrade
>cases from S10 FCS where there was no UUID.
>In this new world without option introducers, such a situation would
>require the user (or script) to supply both the UUID and the zone on
>the command line, making the syntax a rather confusing:
>       zoneadm <subcommand> [<UUID>] [<name>]

So the command line would look like:

zoneadm boot d66e28e2-d1d4-6a3d-febe-e76e5af17812 fred


zoneadm boot fred d66e28e2-d1d4-6a3d-febe-e76e5af17812

Hmmm, I think I prefer the bottom one, but I can't see why
either precludes the other as I'm pretty confident no sane
person will ever want a zone name that matches a uuid and
code could easily be written to cover this.


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