Darren Reed wrote:
> Hmmm, I think I prefer the bottom one, but I can't see why
> either precludes the other as I'm pretty confident no sane
> person will ever want a zone name that matches a uuid and
> code could easily be written to cover this.

Are zones required to have names?

If so, one case where a sane person might want a zone name that matches 
a uuid is if they really don't care about the name - they just need 
another zone that doesn't conflict with any existing zones.  An 
automated test framework might want such a thing, for instance - build a 
zone, run a test, tear down the zone.

I've considered using uuids in a variety of places where human-readable 
tags are more usual, simply because uuids have no intrinsic meaning.  My 
current project is derived from about five previous projects, and so our 
directory and package names are all over the map... in some ways, it's 
be better if we'd used uuids for all of the names.
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