I have a number of whole root zones with 'zonepath' set to a file system on SAN 
storage.  I have lost access to the SAN storage, and thus to the zones, and 
need to patch the global zone in order to regain access to the SAN LUNs.  
However, I am unable to apply the patches because my access to the non-global 
zones is impaired -- an interesting corner case that no doubt has impacted 

Here is my workaround:  detach all of the non-global zones, apply the patch, 
and then re-attach (attach -F) all the zones.  This seems to work but I am 
looking for 1) any feedback on whether this is advisable or not, 2) what the 
long term implications are for management of these zones, and 3) any other 
suggestions for another workaround.


-- Jeff
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