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RM> Hello Hidehiko,

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HJ>> Hi,

HJ>> IHAC who want to use DSR(Direct Server Return) mode with Shared-IP
HJ>> zones like following URL.
HJ>> (http://www.inlab.de/balanceng/example3.html)

HJ>> CU told me DSR is very common technology in Linux world.

HJ>> I wonder Explicit-IP zones make this config running.
HJ>> But, Explicit-IP zones make no sense so that CU want to make about 20
HJ>> zones on each server.

HJ>> Would you please let me know how to build DSR mode with Shared-IP zones?

RM> You need to configure extra lo interface with vip in each zone
RM> (different one of course).

And of course if you want to load balance with DSR across shared zones
it won't work (I guess).

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