Henrik Johansson writes:
> Any word if we will get any of these features/fix in S10U6, it would  
> make life with zones quite a bit easier...
> Zone update on attach (PSARC/2007/621)
> Attach/dettach between sun4u and sun4v (6480464)
> Vanity naming (PSARC 2006/499)
> 6637869 zone attach doesn't handle obsolete patches correctly

If you need information on S10 updates, you should contact your local
support folks.  S10 updates aren't OpenSolaris, so there's no reason
to discuss their schedules or content here, and there's no necessary
relationship between features that get integrated into Nevada and ones
that end up in any particular update.

I didn't look at the others, but the one networking (not zones)
feature you list there -- vanity naming (CR 6577618) -- doesn't appear
to have an MR entry for S10, so I would have to guess that no backport
is in progress, at least right now.

The way a backport often ends up happening is that a contract customer
for one of those older supported releases makes a formal request
through Sun's support group.  That doesn't happen on opensolaris.org.

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