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I am attempting to make a global zone filesystem /dev/dsk/c4t4d0s0 available to two non-global zones

The global zone is ldev6 and the non-global zones are ldev7 and ldev8. Here is what I did.

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/]# zonecfg -z ldev7
zonecfg:ldev7> add fs
zonecfg:ldev7:fs> set dir=/shared
zonecfg:ldev7:fs> set special=/dev/dsk/c4t4d0s0
zonecfg:ldev7:fs> set raw=/dev/rdsk/c4t4d0s0
zonecfg:ldev7:fs> set type=ufs
zonecfg:ldev7:fs> end
zonecfg:ldev7> verify
zonecfg:ldev7> commit
zonecfg:ldev7> exit

I then rebooted the ldev7 non-global zone and received this message.

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/]# zoneadm -z ldev7 boot
zoneadm: zone 'ldev7': fsck of '/dev/rdsk/c4t4d0s0' failed with exit status 39; run fsck manually
zoneadm: zone 'ldev7': call to zoneadmd failed

I received this message on the ldev7 console.
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/]# zlogin -C ldev7
[Connected to zone 'ldev7' console]
[NOTICE: Zone booting up]

[NOTICE: Zone boot failed]

The filesystem is currently mounted in the global zone. Do I need to umount the filesystem in the global zone and run fsck to allow the ldev7 zone to boot?
What does the customer need to do to resolve this issue? Can he create these two non global zones*_
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